The Stewart family was a significant presence in the early years of coeducation at Northwood. Patti Stewart (better known as Lady) ably ran our dining services for two decades, 由母亲协助. 夫人的三个孩子(梅琳达), 杰夫, 和谢丽尔)都是优秀的学生, 参加韦尔斯利, 威廉姆斯, 和史密斯在诺斯伍德的职业生涯结束后. 梅琳达是bat365在1971年的第一批女性之一, part of a group of figure skaters that took advantage of the world class coaching then in Placid. 杰夫 is now a doctor; Cheryl, a Unitarian minister. Melinda’s many accomplishments as well as her memories of Northwood are detailed in her response to the questionnaire that follows:


I wanted two things: To have the opportunity to do more academic work and to be able to skate year-round. 我来自塔尔萨的一所公立高中. My classes were huge (35-60 students), and offerings were limited. Although I had been in a gifted program at school, I was bored and frustrated. My family had been in Oklahoma for many generations (prior to its becoming a state); nevertheless, 我不忍心呆在那里.


在一个完全不同的地方很难. 我错过了回家的. 天气非常冷. I had come from an environment where no one danced or smoked. I had gone to church five times a week, and almost everyone I knew did too. We had to wear dresses to school, and I knew almost no one who wasn’t a Baptist. It was a big transition, and I did get lost in it for several years. 2)    I loved the relationships I had with my teachers. 我特别喜欢约翰·斯科特和迈克·汉农. I loved that Harry Fife was such a character and that he was willing to teach me alone at 7 AM. I loved that Dave Hicks  was willing to let me do 2 ½ years of French in one year, 乔恩·普莱姆和乔恩·扎布里斯基和我一起做的. I loved that the school had a policy that if you could find five kids who wanted to learn something, 他们会给你找个老师. That was how I took Music History (organized by Bob Biles), which led me to a lifetime of studying and performing various kinds of music. 我遇到了一些很棒的人. 成年人和孩子. 我和几个新国家的同学仍然很亲近.


It was great that we lived in town that year, even though many of us longed to be in the dorms. I think we needed the extra support and safety of that placement. 我知道我做到了. 老师们很欢迎,弗雷迪(Mr. 校长弗里德兰德)非常棒. 他特意来找bat365. Sports were a challenge, although many of us came to NWS because of sports. It wasn’t really possible to field a girls’ team in anything during our off seasons (most of us were skiers or figure skaters). 那时女孩子不打曲棍球. bat365主要从事娱乐运动或戏剧. 我很感激能够参加NOC的户外活动, which involved pressing some female teachers into reluctant service in the next years.


Many of the boys were pretty uncomfortable with our being there. Some of the seniors would sit in the vestibule near the front door and cat-call and/or grope the girls passing through. It was pretty typical of the American culture of that time. I am sure that this wouldn’t be tolerated in any school now. I do remember that my sister (who started in 73) hauled off and punched one of them in the face when she was a quite small 8th grader. 我认为是她制止了这种行为. 事实上,她没有惹上麻烦,但男孩惹上了麻烦. 购买卫生用品很困难. 孩子们和马多雷总是有一些令人讨厌的评论. 


I went to Wellesley and graduated with degrees in English and Classics. I worked in the theatre and television for several years after that, 然后去了史密斯学院做社会工作.  I worked in addiction treatment and academic medicine at Harvard Medical College and Wellesley College for many years. I got married in 1988 to the brother of a friend from Wellesley, and we have two kids. 查尔斯今年32岁,住在东京,是一名物理学家. 莉莉今年25岁,和bat365一起住在马萨诸塞州的格罗顿.  她是一名作家和翻译,目前正在上学. In 2000, I started an educational program in Massachusetts for gifted children. 它还在营业,我还在那里教拉丁语. Many of the principles that I used in designing the special program were inspired by my experiences at NWS. After leaving that program (both my kids graduated from there), I began working at Groton School as the director of counseling. There I ran a department of 7-10 and oversaw all the counseling, 健康教育, 制定多样化和包容性政策. I retired from Groton after 11 years and now work in private practice as a therapist and consultant, serving mostly those who are both academically gifted and have learning or mental health challenges. 我计划在2022年(再次)退休.

In the course of my time working, I have done a lot of papers and presentations. 其中一个项目在Ms. 杂志1988年. 我也有机会展示, 和一群学生一起, 一个基于剧院的药物滥用项目.S. 教育部.  我创作并导演了三部短篇《bat365》. 电影,为美国大学编写了课程.S. 教育部, and served as the assistant project director for the lighting and sound involved in the Pope’s visit to Boston in 1979. I still have some more things to write and books to read. 我希望在我退休后能做到这一点.

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